Golden Rescue


(adapted from the GRCBC's brochure)

What is the GRCAb Rescue and Adult Placement Program?

The purpose of the GRCAb's Rescue and Adult Placement Program is to find homes for surrendered, stray, abandoned, or impounded Golden Retrievers. We ensure these dogs have basic veterinary care and spay/neutering; and assist in finding new homes for them. We believe that every Golden Retriever deserves a loving, safe, permanent home with responsible pet owners. We want the very best for all Golden Retrievers.

Where do the dogs come from?

Many people think that stray or abandoned dogs are the only type of dog that comes through an adult placement program. This is not the typical profile of dogs we place. Most dogs are being given up because of family circumstances (moving, divorce, lack of time, bad behaviour). Occasionally dogs come from Club members who have retired dogs, young adult dogs that have not proven suitable for showing or breeding, or puppies that have been returned.

What should I expect from a Rescue or Adult Placement Golden?

While no two dogs are ever alike, the adult dogs in this program are often wonderful, friendly Golden Retrievers, in need of a new home. All the dogs in the program have varied backgrounds. The dogs available for placement will have been screened and a profile will have been done as to their health, temperament and behaviour. We expect all dogs placed through our Club to be spayed or neutered.

What is the cost involved?

With our adult placement program, we are primarily a referral service between the original owner and the potential adopter. When we place dogs, we are not arranging the sale of a dog. There is no compensation for the original owner. We expect a donation to be made to our Club for our services of finding a home for their dog. The cost to the adopter varies greatly, depending on each situation and on anticipated expenses.

Why would I want an adult dog?

Puppies are cute, especially Golden Retriever puppies. But raising a puppy to be a well-behaved adult is hard work that takes a lot of time and attention. So an adult may be a better choice, particularly if they are already housebroken or have had some basic obedience training. Not all of our adult dogs will be perfectly behaved from the beginning. Some will need extra training and attention. But all of these dogs deserve a happy, forever home where they will be loved and part of a family.

How can I adopt an adult Golden Retriever?

  • Complete an Adoption Application from our website
  • Submit your application to the GRCAb Rescue Coordinator.
  • When a suitable dog becomes available, visit the original owners or the foster home to meet the dog and make your decision. When you have decided, sign an Adoption Contract and Release and make a donation to the GRCAb.
  • The availability of a dog is not guaranteed. Sometimes there are dogs available and sometimes there are not. Your application will be kept on file for six months. After that time, please contact the Rescue Coordinator to let us know if you are still interested in our Rescue/Adult Placement Program.


If you want more info on our Rescue Program please contact Nicole Young - Email:


May 2017