Find a stick in the bush ... an all time favorite game!

The activities for your Golden are endless .. if you can think of an activity they can do it.  The Golden Retriever is one of the most versitile breeds ... extremely smart and willing to please. 

A happy Golden is a tired Golden.  Golden require a minimum of two 30 minute exercise periods per day.  The best form is off leash with a ball and let them do what comes naturally. 

Please do not expect a Golden to exercise themselves, they are very social animals and want more than anything to be with you - their owner.  So don't just open the door - get outside for a walk, a run, retrieving a ball or just about anything else you can throw for them ... and most of all have fun!

The organized activities listed on this website and just a few our members participate in.  So go and enjoy!

Here are just a few organized activites that our members participate in:







Barn Hunting

Aug 2023