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2015 Brenda Harrison

Brenda Harrison was a tireless volunteer before, after and during all the agility trials in 2015. Providing help everywhere she possibly could. Brenda is always so thoughtful. She never complains about anything or anyone. Always gets right on top of anything asked of her and always thinking of ways she can contribute and help with the load. She has also been a great help with rescue. She helped in caring for and evaluating, as well as, helping with training of several dogs last year. Her willingness to jump in and take dogs into her home even suckered her into forever owning her very first Golden last year! Brenda is an exciting new member with a very bright future in support of Goldens.  

2016 Nicole Young

Nicole Young was an amazing volunteer during the agility trials in 2016. Providing help everywhere she possibly could in EXTREMELY miserable weather conditions. To stick it out when not even running a dog in the trial is unbelievable and with a smile on her face and cheerleading everyone else to keep up and happy was above and beyond to say the least. Nicole is always so thoughtful and helpful in so many ways. She has done an incredible job managing rescue in a very challenging year with very difficult cases. An acting phycologist to the people on both ends. She is always right on top of everything and always thinking of ways she can contribute and help. Nicole is an exciting new member with a very bright future in support of Goldens.

2017 Annelise Freeman

Annelise Freeman has been behind the scenes for many years even before becoming a member. She has donated beautiful customized prizes repeatedly over the years, to the club for New Member Awards and Presidents Awards at her expense. Annelise is ALWAYS one of the hardest working volunteers at every single agility trial throughout each year. Before, during and after the trials, when most people run away from exhaustion and she always works with a great sense of humor and a smile on her face. Even in the most challenging weather elements and challenging is a gross understatement. Annelise is an exciting new member and an outstanding advocate in support of the education of Goldens. 

2018 Kayla Lewis

Kayla Lewis has been a standout in helping with agility trials. Her energy is contagious and she is always wearing a smile on her face and is such a pleasure to be around. She works tirelessly before, after and during the trials, which is very rare and so appreciated and necessary to make everything run smoothly. Skip is her first Golden Retriever and her hard work has paid off with an extremely successful year earning her first ever titles in Rally and quickly moving from the beginning of novice agility all the way up to excellent in her same first year with Skip as a 2 yr old. Kayla is a wonderful new addition to the Golden Retriever community.

2019 Not Awarded

2020 Not Awarded

2021 Maria Gutierrez 

Maria Gutierrez is a welcome new member. She is enjoying her very first dog ever, Luna. She breezed through her Championship, first Agility Title and several Trick Titles. Maria is continuing her learning with a broad variety of training in different sports. Always so pleasant, Maria has stepped up to volunteer to help out wherever she can. Thank you Maria, always for your support, generosity, gratitude and smile.

2022 Dianne and Patrick Dardis

Dianne and Patrick Dardis are welcome new members. They have had several Golden Retrievers through their lives. Heading into retirement, they are enjoying jumping both feet in to all dog sports with their current Golden Token and their new puppy Nova. They have already jumped in to field, agility, obedience, rally and tricks earning many Q’s and Titles going full steam ahead. Both Dianne and Pat have been amazing at helping out throughout the year. Dianne was seen at the GRCA National Golden Retriever booth with her smiling face and welcome attitude all weekend volunteering to help everywhere she could. She is one of the sweetest kindest people you will ever have the pleasure of getting to know. Pat was amazing as well throughout the year at everything attended. He is a buzz of incredible energy and pitched in every free moment he had at every event he attended. They both display incredible positive Good Sportsmanship, a HUGE smile on their faces even when their Golden, well, has other ideas of entertainment for the crowds!!! 

2023  Allie Jabusch

​Allie Jabusch is a wonderful new member. She is enjoying her very first Golden Retriever “Douglas”. They both got started with Trick Training when Doug was a puppy and they earned their very first Titles together with Novice Trick Dog and Novice Trick Dog Masters. Allie and “Dougie”, as he’s affectionately called, continued their training adventures last year earning some Rally Novice Q’s along with stepping into the Agility Ring for the first time earning 4 Agility Titles, This Team won Top Novice Agility Dog and their Outstanding Award! Allie is always cheery and positive, bringing a smiling face to everything she does. She is very thoughtful in her training and has been super helpful to lend a hand to others in training. Allie and her husband Collin, have been great in raising their hands to help volunteer at the Trials.