Breeders' List


This list has been prepared with the cooperation of our breeder members who have agreed to abide by the GRCAB’s Code of Ethics and Bylaws with respect to good breeding practice. The GRCAB does not endorse any particular breeder, and stresses that this list is for assistance only. It is your responsibility to find the breeder that will best meet your requirements. All of these breeders listed are willing to educate the public as well. This list however, does not confirm health clearances. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure proper health clearances are in place with the breeder of their choice." Effective 2007, all new breeders that wish to join the list, MUST be sponsored by one of the breeders listed with the GRCAb. Please contact the Membership Director for the correct application.

Please feel free to look at the Breeders websites to understand better who they are or send an Email or give them a call.  Please remember they are very busy people and it may take a day or two to hear back from them. The breeders are available to answer questions about the litters they may have or you can call puppy referrals : Pauline at (780) 929-8051 or Linda at  (403)247-6942

Northern Alberta Breeders


Beaugoldens (p.s.) Pauline Buchanan  Leduc, AB (780) 667-8051 Email:  Breeding: Multi-purpose

Kavon Kennels (p.d.s.) Kathy Conway Innisfree, AB (780) 592-2360 Email: Website:  Breeding: Multi-purpose

Sweethaven (p) Debra Raffen Edmonton, AB (780) 233-1140 Email: Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose

Verdoro Perm Reg'd (p.d.s) Ann Greenbank Ardrossan, AB (780) 990-9276 Email: Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose

Central Alberta Breeders

Spiritrider (p.d.s.) Lisa Head Harbidge  Rocky Mountain House, AB Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose

Quilasun Lynn Walker Coronation, AB (403) 575-4166 Email: Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose

Southern Alberta Breeders

Gold'C'ker (p) Brian & Lori Lancaster   Carseland, AB Email: Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose
Goldenmoments (p.d.s.) Anne Glasgow  Calgary,AB (403) 254-2228 Email: Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose
IDAFAB (p) Jane Blum  High River, AB(403) 861-0307 Email: Breeding: Multi-purpose

Rundlemtn (p.s) Jill Miller Cochrane (587) 969-7133 Email: Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose

Madison (p.d.s.) Colleen Lamont  Okotoks, AB (403) 649-6276 Email: Website: Breeding: show/hunting 

Tasmara (p.s.) Cathy Barlow  DeWinton, AB(403) 239-2963 Email: Website: Breeding: Multi-purpose

Wyncora (p.d.s.) Marla Paton  Calgary, AB (403) 201-1168 Breeding: Muli-purpose

Abbreviations: p (puppies) d (grown dogs - available occasionally) s (stud service - to approved bitches)Multi-purpose (Show/Obedience/Hunting/Companion)

Reviewed: April 2024