An annual top all round dog award to recognize the dog that has achieved the highest total of points based on the following criteria.

• Only CKC approved and completed titles are eligible.
• The dog must have titles in at least 3 or more approved areas of competition.
• The CKC approved areas of competition are: Agility, Conformation, Draft Dog, Field, Obedience and Tracking (please refer to the application form to view the point system)
• The dog must have attained a title during the year applying for the award.
• This award may be applied for each year up to and including the year in which the dog died. This award can only be won once by any one dog.

A maximum of 25 points can be earned in any one area. When calculating points, only the highest title in the area of competition counts; i.e., if the dog has a CDX, you only count the 17 points for that title, do not add RN, CD and CDX points. If the dog has more than one title in field, count the one with the highest point designation only.
THREE (3) Bonus Points for every verified health exam performed. (hips, heart, elbows, thyroid and current eye exam, plus any of the DNA exams; PRA1, prcd-PRA and Ichthyosis, etc.)

If two or more dogs are tied, the dog with completed titles in the most number of areas will be considered the winner. If two or more dogs are tied with the same number of areas competing in, the scores from the obedience section will be taken into consideration and the highest score will win.

If still a tie, then if evidence can be provided that a dog has legs towards new titles not yet completed, then this could act as a tiebreaker in the case of dogs having titles in the same number of areas.​

Past Winners of Versatility Dog of the Year Award

1989 Sandra Marin & Amber
1990 Kathy Mageau & Amber
1992 Kelly Andres & Murphy
1993 Norma Tindall & Precious
1994 Sandy Pentland & Murphy
1995 Barbara Marin & Dixie
1996 Pauline Buchanan & Trapper
1997 Mary Shillabeer & Denver
1998 Susan Wall & Tango
1999 Sherrill Elm & Rocket
2000 Mary Shillabeer & Boon
2001 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Cker
2002 Kathy Miner & Findlay
2003 Kathy Miner & Findlay
2004 Kathy Miner & Whattson
2005 Leanne Tucker & Cedar
2006 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Next
2007 Leanne Tucker & Cedar
2008 Linda & Bill Werny & Capri
2009 Kathy Miner & Edge
2010 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Next
2011 Em Berberich & Chimo
2012 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Knot
2013 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Knot
2014 Leanne Tucker & Puzzle
2015 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Touk
2016 Alice Menczel & Pashion
2017 Leanne Tucker & Scrabble

2018 Brenda Harrison & Hoot

2019 Sandra Headrick & Ticket

2020 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Fish

2021 No Applicants

2022 Mary-Dee Peppinck & Tearin

2023 Lori & Brian Lancaster & Soak

​Revised June 2024